4 Services You Might Not Know an Auto Locksmith Could Provide


Auto locksmiths are mostly known for the important services they render to motorists who are locked out of their vehicles, have lost their keys, or need key replacement/duplication. However, these professionals do more than just providing key-related services. Many auto locksmiths have expanded their professional practice to include useful services that any motorists might need. While these services are closely related to keys, locks and security, they also take a step further into other dimensions of automobile care and maintenance.

11 March 2019

Three Practical Tips for Installing a Floor-Bolted Safe


Residential safes are ideal assets for securing valuable items within the home. The storage space can be used for keeping documents, cash and jewellery safe from intruders, visitors and even unscrupulous family members. In general, acquiring a secure safe for your home is not difficult, and you can choose second-hand safes to minimise your expenses. However, the effectiveness of your safe can be compromised by poor installation. In simple terms, if you purchase a safe and simply place it somewhere in your home, it will be vulnerable to burglars and robbers who are willing to haul it away.

8 March 2018

The Advantage of Using Mortise Locks In Your Home


If you are building a house or renovating your current one and are looking for locks, mortise locks are a great option you may want to consider. They are a dependable door lock system for your project and here are reasons why you need to consider these locks. Extra Defence against Intruders A mortise locking system is installed inside your doors. The mortise lock system itself contains a lock body that's usually placed inside the mortise cut-out of your door and lock trims such as pulls or levers.

17 March 2016

How to Secure a Broken Window Until You Can Get It Fixed


If one of your windows has been smashed or badly cracked, you may need to do some DIY repair work to secure your property until you can arrange for emergency glass repairs. For example, you may need cover the hole if the weather is bad and you don't want rain and wind to come through the window; a gaping hole in a window may also be an open invitation to burglars.

19 February 2016

How to Fit a Mortice Lock


Security of possessions and property is paramount to any homeowner. Ensuring any entrance has suitable and sturdy locks will assist this as well as provide residents with the peace of mind. Fitting a mortice lock to the main entrance door of any premise can be achieved successfully without the need for a locksmith. Tools for Any Locksmith Task Before removing any locks already in place, ensure you have the tools required to carry out the installation of the mortice lock.

29 January 2016

Door Locks 101: Identifying the Parts and How to Replace Them Yourself


At the first sign of trouble with a door lock, most homeowners' response is to call a locksmith to figure the problem out and fix it. This is usually due to lack of knowledge of the different door lock parts so that even DIY lock fixing tutorials sound like gibberish. Knowing and identifying door lock parts is important and quite simple really. So here are the main door lock parts you need to know and how you can replace them.

27 November 2015

Setting a safe combination you'll remember


A safe is only as secure if the combination to access it is not guessable. That can be an issue as you probably won't often access your safe and will tend to aim for easy to remember numbers such as birthdates and anniversaries, which can be easy to guess. Here are some safer options for choosing your combination. Use an alphanumeric code If you need to choose numbers, but like most people find words easier to remember, you can choose a word to stand in for the numbers you need.

18 November 2015

Five Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Business With a Security System Rather Than a Security Guard


If you are trying to secure your business, you have a few different options. If you are trying to decide between a security guard or an alarm system, there are pros and cons to both options. In particular, however, here are five essential reasons you should choose a security system over a security guard. 1. Constant Protection Security systems can provide constant vigilance against thieves, intruders or vandals. You simply have to turn them on.

22 September 2015

Common Types of Lock Boxes


Lock boxes used to be solely for real estate agents who had to show houses and needed a convenient way to keep house keys secure without having to worry about carrying the keys wherever they went. But today there are different kinds of lockboxes from companies like Store-It-Safe that aren't just limited to real estate agents. If you're looking for a safe place to store keys and other valuables, or you don't want the hassle of having to remember where you put your house keys, here are the common types of lockboxes you can buy.

22 September 2015

Hotel Owners: Secure Your Hotels With These Five Essential Tips


If you own a hotel, you need to create an atmosphere where your guests feel safe but also where your offices and common areas are safe from both guest vandalism and outside threats. To help you achieve the right balance, take a look at these tips: 1. Avoid card readers with DC ports Most hotels have switched from locks with keys to locks with magnetic cards. If you are putting in new card-based locks, consider avoiding ones with visible DC ports.

16 September 2015