Three Reasons You Need a Reputable Locksmith for a Gun Safe


Since reputable locksmiths are hard to come by, you should keep them close when you find one. A locksmith is the first person you contact when you lose keys, buy a new house, break your key/locks, or want to upgrade your door or window locks. However, did you know that modern residential locksmiths also fix gun safes? This article highlights the reasons you need a locksmith for a gun safe. Read on.

Add Lockout-Mode -- In most households, access to gun safes is restricted to a few trustworthy and authorised individuals such as parents. However, it does not stop burglars from trying to break into a gun safe. While it might be difficult to access a gun safe by guessing the combination, you should never give burglars the opportunity. Adding lockout mode to a gun safe is an excellent security feature that locksmiths offer firearm owners. The add-on activates and prevents entry for a couple of minutes when someone repeatedly enters the wrong combination. No burglar would wait five minutes for lockout mode to deactivate before guessing another lock combination.

Reset Lock Overrides -- When you forget the combination to a gun safe, the best way to unlock it is to override the current combination. The override feature is common on gun safes that come with an electronic keypad and allows you to reset a lock combination. That said, most gun owners only use the override feature during set-up and forget about it. However, it makes it challenging to initiate the override setting when you need it the most. A locksmith can help you reset a safe's override lock using tools such as a borescope. For instance, if your partner changes the combination of a gun safe and you cannot reach them, overriding the lock is the most practical solution.

Correct Shifting Combination Number -- Gun safes with digital locks tend to suffer from misfiring combinations as they age. Although it rarely happens with quality gun safes, it is still possible, making locking and unlocking a safe difficult and insecure. Notably, gun safe manufacturers advise customers to contact them immediately they experience misfiring combinations. However, a local locksmith can repair shifting combination issues at a low cost. If the problem persists, a locksmith will advise you to contact the manufacturer for further assistance. In a worst-case scenario, a locksmith can swap a faulty combination mechanism with a new one.

For more information, contact a local locksmith.


27 September 2021

Five Star Security: Options For Locks, Keys And Safes

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