What Can an Emergency Locksmith Do When Your Front Door Is Stuck?


It is never a good feeling to find that your key won't turn in your front door's lock or that the deadbolt knob won't move. You've got to call an emergency locksmith to sort this out. The good news is that the locksmith has a number of ways of getting the lock fixed or replaced in a reasonable amount of time. Check That the Lock Isn't Merely Dirty A common problem with keyed locks is that dirt can get into the keyhole and gradually freeze up the lock.

14 November 2022

Three Acts to Avoid While Waiting for an Emergency Locksmith


Losing keys or damaging a lock as you open it can be frustrating, especially if it happens during odd hours of the night. Knocking down a door is the only option for most homeowners, but it does not have to get to that. You can access your house using other strategies, and contacting an emergency locksmith is one. Notably, emergency locksmiths offer services 24/7/365. However, while you are waiting for an emergency locksmith to arrive, you should avoid acts that might jeopardise their work.

8 March 2022