The Advantage of Using Mortise Locks In Your Home


If you are building a house or renovating your current one and are looking for locks, mortise locks are a great option you may want to consider. They are a dependable door lock system for your project and here are reasons why you need to consider these locks. Extra Defence against Intruders A mortise locking system is installed inside your doors. The mortise lock system itself contains a lock body that's usually placed inside the mortise cut-out of your door and lock trims such as pulls or levers.

17 March 2016

How to Secure a Broken Window Until You Can Get It Fixed


If one of your windows has been smashed or badly cracked, you may need to do some DIY repair work to secure your property until you can arrange for emergency glass repairs. For example, you may need cover the hole if the weather is bad and you don't want rain and wind to come through the window; a gaping hole in a window may also be an open invitation to burglars.

19 February 2016

How to Fit a Mortice Lock


Security of possessions and property is paramount to any homeowner. Ensuring any entrance has suitable and sturdy locks will assist this as well as provide residents with the peace of mind. Fitting a mortice lock to the main entrance door of any premise can be achieved successfully without the need for a locksmith. Tools for Any Locksmith Task Before removing any locks already in place, ensure you have the tools required to carry out the installation of the mortice lock.

29 January 2016