What Can an Emergency Locksmith Do When Your Front Door Is Stuck?


It is never a good feeling to find that your key won't turn in your front door's lock or that the deadbolt knob won't move. You've got to call an emergency locksmith to sort this out. The good news is that the locksmith has a number of ways of getting the lock fixed or replaced in a reasonable amount of time.

Check That the Lock Isn't Merely Dirty

A common problem with keyed locks is that dirt can get into the keyhole and gradually freeze up the lock. You may think the lock is broken because you can't turn the key or even get the key fully into the lock, but the problem is really that just a lot of dirt is jamming up the locking mechanism. If that's the case, the locksmith can spray some lubricating spray into the keyhole and clean out the dirt. They'll check the lock's function after that to ensure nothing else needs inspection.

Remove the Lock if It's Truly Frozen in Place

Sometimes a lock is truly frozen because an internal component is malfunctioning. If the emergency locksmith can't get the lock to work, they'll remove the lock. Bit by bit if necessary; sometimes locks have to be taken apart and pried out one piece at a time. That gives the locksmith the opportunity to examine everything and see where the lock went from working to frozen.

Fix the Lock if Possible or Install a New One

Even if the locksmith had to remove the lock in pieces from your door, they'll still try to fix it. If that's possible, they'll reinstall it and test the lock and door to make sure all is working well. If they can't fix it, they'll install a new lock for you. If you prefer a different lock type or brand than what they have with them, then have them install something so that you have a lock, to begin with, and make an appointment with a non-emergency locksmith to install a different type later on.

When you have a frozen lock, the worst that happens is that the lock gets taken apart and a new one is installed. An emergency locksmith is going to be able to get that door open for you, which should alleviate worry about not getting back in. When you're faced with a lock that won't budge, one call is all it takes to start the process of getting back inside. 

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14 November 2022

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