3 Instances an Automotive Locksmith Might Replace Your Car Keys


Whether you recently bought a brand new performance car or have just inherited your father's old truck, a vehicle plays a significant role in getting you from one point to another. Unfortunately, most car owners pay close attention to certain areas, such as tyre maintenance, engine flushing, and oil change but forget about an equally important part, the key. This article explores three instances an automotive locksmith might replace your car keys.

1. Replacing Lost/Stolen Car Keys

The first thing you do after losing your car keys is to call an automotive locksmith and arrange for a newly-cut key. It means that a locksmith does not need to change the lock mechanism because you will be using the same version of your lost or stolen keys. However, you should ask yourself whether it is the right approach to deal with lost/stolen car keys. The reason is that using the same lock mechanism exposes your car to burglars, especially if the keys were stolen to gain access to your vehicle. Therefore, a reputable automotive locksmith will replace the keys and the lock mechanism to ensure that your car is safe from burglary or theft.

2. Upgrading Your Car's Security

It is no secret that modern vehicles have better lock systems in the form of transponders. However, the lock mechanisms have not been around for long. Therefore, your 40-year old truck will still feature the old lock mechanism, which might be insecure today. Therefore, if you need to upgrade your car's security with a new lock and keys, and an automotive locksmith can help you. It does not matter if your vehicle is vintage or not because a reputable locksmith will choose a lock and key system that works for your car without compromising its authenticity and safety.

3. Addressing Security System Malfunction

Modern cars are equipped with a robust security system that works to deter thieves. Since the feature comprises the ignition, the central computer, and an alarm, a security breach might jeopardize the lock mechanism. Unfortunately, modern car thieves have access to sophisticated machines, which can compromise a car's computer system. Therefore, if you suspect that someone has tried to break into your vehicle by compromising its computer system, then you would be doing yourself a favour by taking the car to an automotive locksmith. They will run diagnostics and establish whether you need to replace the key fob or not.


4 February 2021

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