The Advantage of Using Mortise Locks In Your Home


If you are building a house or renovating your current one and are looking for locks, mortise locks are a great option you may want to consider. They are a dependable door lock system for your project and here are reasons why you need to consider these locks.

Extra Defence against Intruders

A mortise locking system is installed inside your doors. The mortise lock system itself contains a lock body that's usually placed inside the mortise cut-out of your door and lock trims such as pulls or levers. It also comprises a strike place that acts as a lining of the point where the bolt fits the frame. All these features make it difficult for someone to pry the lock. Unlike the conventional locks, mortise locks won't bulge easily with water. Therefore, when installed properly by a locksmith, these locks can ensure better security for your home.


You can find mortise locks in a wide range of sizes to suit your specific application. Whether you need a simple or complex mortise locking system, be assured to get the best one that suits your requirements. In addition, if your mortise lock requires replacement or repair, you can easily have it done through emergency locksmith services.

Aesthetic Value

Any fixture that you add to your house should have some level of aesthetic value. Mortise locks will add an excellent antique-looking flair to your property. This is because mortise locks were mainly used on older buildings and therefore have an old antique charm that you may find it more aesthetically pleasing than other conventional knobs and locks in the market. Apart from the aesthetic value, mortise locks are sturdy, making them more durable than their conventional counterparts.

Dual Locking System

If you'd like locking your doors from the outside as well, then you will find mortise locks very dependable with their dual locking system. This system simply means that you can lock your door from either inside or outside, which is essential if you'd like to keep your children inside while you work on some tasks outside.

Passage Function

Mortise locks sometimes come with a passage function, which means that they don't require a key. The passage function does not allow for locking of the mortise locks. This mechanism is important because you can close and open the mortise locks for as many times as possible. This feature is useful in bathrooms or children bedrooms for easy to access the rooms in case they are locked accidentally from the inside.

For more information, talk to a locksmith.


17 March 2016

Five Star Security: Options For Locks, Keys And Safes

As the manager of a five-star hotel, I face many interesting challenges. There's never a dull moment! One of my biggest problems is security. I spend a lot of time obtaining quality keys, locks and safes and ensuring they are well-maintained. There's nothing worse than a tired guest and a broken lock at 3 am! Over the years, I have trialled many different types of locks and safes. I also keep up with the latest technology in this area. I am therefore quite the expert when it comes to advising family and friends about the best systems for their homes and businesses. Given that so many people ask me for advice, I figured that there may be others who are overwhelmed by the plethora of options out there. This blog may give you some ideas and help you make good decisions in your search for superior locks and safes.