Homeowners: What You Need To Know Before Replacing Your Locks


There are a multitude of reasons why a new lock will be necessary for a home, whether it be a potential break-in, wear and tear, or a new roommate moving in. As a homeowner, you should be mindful of why you need the new lock, what its purpose will be, and how to best protect yourself should you be renting to tenants. Be mindful of your circumstances As a consumer, there's a reason why you've decided to purchase a new lock for your home, and it's important that you keep this in mind as you shop for your replacement.

31 August 2015

How to Choose the Right Matte Black Door Handles for Your Home


Matte black door handles can be a good choice for any home, whether for interior or exterior doors. The matte black color goes with any d├ęcor or style, and it can make the doorknob look like an accent piece and not just something drab and functional. When choosing matte black door handles for your home, since you already know the color and finish of the handle, you'll want to consider a few other details to keep in mind for added style and even security.

27 August 2015