Common Types of Lock Boxes


Lock boxes used to be solely for real estate agents who had to show houses and needed a convenient way to keep house keys secure without having to worry about carrying the keys wherever they went. But today there are different kinds of lockboxes from companies like Store-It-Safe that aren't just limited to real estate agents. If you're looking for a safe place to store keys and other valuables, or you don't want the hassle of having to remember where you put your house keys, here are the common types of lockboxes you can buy.

Biometric Gun Lockbox -- Biometric gun lockboxes are designed to hold one standard handgun and a clip. They are typically rectangular-shaped and are a smaller and more compact alternative to buying a gun safe, though you do have space limitations. These types of lockboxes are programmed with your fingerprint and a sensor stores that information. When you want to access the lockbox, you place your finger on the pad and the fingerprint recognition software instantly goes to work, giving you access to the box. Most biometric gun lockboxes allow you to enter multiple fingerprints, which means that others can access your box. There is typically a key backup with these biometric lockboxes in the event that the fingerprint recognition software malfunctions.

Wall Mounted Key Lockbox -- A wall-mounted key lockbox looks like a large padlock and often features a combination code that gives you access to the box which contains keys. As mentioned, real estate agents often use these types of lockboxes, but they are also ideal for homeowners who want to give their teenage kids access to the house when they get home from school, or homeowners who don't want to keep track of house keys during the day. Wall mounted lockboxes are usually made of high-grade plastic, but you can also buy ones made from satin nickel, which looks like silver, bronze, or galvanized steel, and which is strong, durable and rust-resistant. Most wall-mounted lockbox key lockboxes provide access through a numerical code similar to the way many safes work. But for additional safety, you can buy a wall-mounted lockbox that only provides entry with the swipe of a keycard or with a digital pad on which a user must enter the access code. Newer wall-mounted lockboxes allow you to gain access by entering the code on a smartphone, which communicates wirelessly with a sensor on the box.


22 September 2015

Five Star Security: Options For Locks, Keys And Safes

As the manager of a five-star hotel, I face many interesting challenges. There's never a dull moment! One of my biggest problems is security. I spend a lot of time obtaining quality keys, locks and safes and ensuring they are well-maintained. There's nothing worse than a tired guest and a broken lock at 3 am! Over the years, I have trialled many different types of locks and safes. I also keep up with the latest technology in this area. I am therefore quite the expert when it comes to advising family and friends about the best systems for their homes and businesses. Given that so many people ask me for advice, I figured that there may be others who are overwhelmed by the plethora of options out there. This blog may give you some ideas and help you make good decisions in your search for superior locks and safes.