Safety Tips for Your House


When you look to increase the overall safety of your house, the best person to ask is an experienced locksmith. However, most people either don't have the time to contact one, or simply don't know anyone who could provide them with such information. Here's where this article comes in handy. Keep reading for a list of the four most important tips that you could follow in order to safeguard your home.

When buying a new home, replace the locks

Whenever you buy a new piece of property, the first thing you should do to greatly increase the safety of your family is to replace the old locks. You have to keep in mind that, when you buy a new property, there's a possibility of the old owner having a set of spare keys. It's also entirely possible that the old owners have given away copies of their keys to friends, family, and maybe even neighbours. As a result, any of those people can come into your house at any time, for any reason, which is not something you want to happen, right? A locksmith can change all of the locks on your home to protect your investment. 

If you are unwilling to invest in changing all the locks, at least talk to a locksmith and have them rekey the lock for you. This is a cheaper alternative that provides less security than a lock replacement, but it still won't let people use their old keys to get into your house.

Install deadbolt locks for maximum house security

If you want even more safety, consider replacing the old locks of the house with deadbolts. Deadbolt locks provide top of the line security for your house, but you have to make sure that they have been properly installed by professionals. The primary reason why deadbolts are more secure than regular locks is that the deadbolt can't be moved to their "open" position unless the lock cylinder is rotated with the right key. If the deadbolt is not installed properly by a certified locksmith, the deadbolt itself won't move, but a thief may be able to break down your door by completely ripping apart the wood pieces that hold the lock together.

Consider installing window locks as well

If you followed the previous advice and have decided to install a set of deadbolt locks for your doors, you should also take into account the locks for your windows. Not many thieves would go through the trouble of trying to get past a deadbolt lock when they can just open your window and get access to your house. To fix that, you can install a double cylinder window lock that requires a key to open and close the windows. Most thieves would rather pick an easier target than try and go through the trouble of breaking into a well secured home. 


2 September 2015

Five Star Security: Options For Locks, Keys And Safes

As the manager of a five-star hotel, I face many interesting challenges. There's never a dull moment! One of my biggest problems is security. I spend a lot of time obtaining quality keys, locks and safes and ensuring they are well-maintained. There's nothing worse than a tired guest and a broken lock at 3 am! Over the years, I have trialled many different types of locks and safes. I also keep up with the latest technology in this area. I am therefore quite the expert when it comes to advising family and friends about the best systems for their homes and businesses. Given that so many people ask me for advice, I figured that there may be others who are overwhelmed by the plethora of options out there. This blog may give you some ideas and help you make good decisions in your search for superior locks and safes.